Martial Arts For Children - Ages 3 to 6yrs Old
Developing the leaders of tomorrow.
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The ATCUSA child development methods practiced at ATCUSA are based on the “whole child” principle. The proven methods have always been part of the ATC curriculum but were refined during the expansion and growth of the organization in the new millennium (June 2000).  With the addition to ATCUSA Headquarter Staff of Master Instructor J. Spillmann, the already strong program was given a renewed and more refined perspective.   

Master Spillmann holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Child Development and has an extensive comprehension of the issues facing today’s youths as they grow and learn in an adverse society.  She incorporates her understanding and skills into the ATCUSA Whole Child Program which has grown to be an even stronger, more effective method of emotional, intellectual, social and physical growth assistance.


Welcome To Our Family:


  • Our program is overseen by Master J. Spillmann who hold a degree in child development.
  • Several locations have an in-house academic tutor.
  • Our martial arts foundation is developed by top level Master Instructors.
  • Many of our Instructors have ranking in several top organizations.
  • All Certifications are on the wall at most member schools and can be verified.
  • Our Head Masters have over 45 years of martial arts experience.
  • We have been teaching children and adults for several decades.
  • We also have over 35 years coaching and creating national champions &  life champions.
  • All our Instructors have passed a  L3 Back Ground Check.